Time to go

Haven’t we all had that dream in which our house is on fire or being taken by water and we have a few seconds to grab what’s important and leave?

Many times I dreamt I could fill a bag with my stuff and some other times I could fill the car.

Pictures, documents, my computer… they’ve all been in my dreams. Even my Hanson CD collection. Last time I dreamt the house was sinking, I just grabbed my babies and left.

There’s always my dad, though. Cleaning the stuff before we can put them in the car. I’m screaming at him, desperately, asking him to come with us. Asking him to hurry.

The dream is always the same. I’m leaving, I’m running away and my dad is taking his time and wanting to stay just where he is, ignoring the fire, the water or the mood.

What happens when stuff you’ve dreamt about becomes real? Were those nightmares a preparation for what was yet to come? What do I put on my bag?

It is time to go.

At least I’ve got time to pack… but it feels exactly like it did in the dream. I’ll miss my dad.


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