Welcome to Canada

Everything is so tangible right now. I feel, for the first time, that instead of admiring a place through movies and TV and wondering about stuff that was so far away I can just live them.

It’s shallow. Absolutely. The fact that I can actually order something online from, say, Ikea. But I have been dreaming about this for a while.

It’s not just a safety issue, it’s not about my kids having a better education and a better chance in life. It’s the small things… I’m in love with the small things here.

My father-in-law just sent me a message saying “you’re now in the middle of the north american civilization”. That is HUGE. That’s just plain huge and I feel like a lot of people around here (the young people, probably) take it for granted. I hope my kids realize what a beautiful country this is and how hard it was for us to get here. I hope they appreciate the fact that they can walk on the street without being mugged. There are trees and squirrels around. I’m never getting over how beautiful this place is… EVER!

We are just at McDonald’s and the cashier asked us “You’ve chosen to live HERE? Of all places? Argh…” I felt like giving her a small lecture about the world she lives in, but I was just too hungry to waste my time.

Yes, here!

We ended up not going to Toronto after all and choosing a much smaller town. I like being close to the city but not actually in it ’cause we can just walk from one place to another and rent prices or a lot lower.

So, we chose Brockville. And it’s just starting to feel like home. We bought a few pieces of furniture, got the internet on and got the toys laying around.

We did have to run to the emergency room twice with the girls on our first couple of days here, but that’s just a memory I wouldn’t like to register…

Everything’s good now. I can’t wait for Christmas…


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