It’s a beautiful fall in small Brockville. They’ve just fallen asleep on the couch. Barely a foot away from me. I have to be quiet. The dishes are waiting. There’s some leftover pizza that’s been there for a while now… but being a mom is not about getting small tasks done. Being a mom is not about peeing whenever you feel like it either. It’s about being quiet… or the babies will wake up.

It’s not that you want your babies to sleep through the day, but yes, you do want them to sleep through the night. You need that energy.

Last night was one of those nights… and the night before that too.

The girls have a running nose. No fever, thank God. But the running nose keeps them awake. I danced around with Aurora from 3:30 to 5:00am and that’s when Agatha woke up, crying.

Tonight can’t be another hard night. It just can’t. I do not have the energy.

So, why am I here writing about it, instead of sleeping?

The fear of them waking up keeps me awake. The writing calms me down. The cappuccino in my beautiful cup makes me happy… I’m all about the small things and the sceneries.

Please remind me of how I feel today, if I ever lose my mind one day and decide to go for the triplets.

Thank you,

Yours truly.



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