The lovely twos

All of us mommies know that we are not supposed to brag about anything related to our babies/toddlers/teenagers… you know, children in general because somewhere out there there are thousands of moms going through the exact opposite and you do NOT want the universe to turn all that mom-thought-power against you because WE KNOW the bragging  will stop your baby from not having colics, sleeping through the night, eating well, behaving, not having tantrums, etc, etc pretty much instantly. It’s a powerful energy, people.

Still, I dare do say (because I’m so brave) that I’m LOVING the twos.

Life feels pretty much, kind of normal-ish every once in a while for about an hour. It is AMAZING.

Yesterday, we had friends over (which is also an amazing thing to say, we actually now have friends who live in Canada). Anyway, our friends were here for about 7 hours and we actually set on the couch and talked, watched videos, laughed just like we used to. I felt like myself… you know, my old-self and that’s when it hit me: I needed to make a list. An important list. I call it “The great big list of the things I miss”.

As a mother, I’m always hoping the girls will sleep early, sleep through the night, take their naps at the same time on a Saturday,basically just SLEEP or play with something safe for a while without crying or wining or fighting. You know… so I can have a little bit of time for myself.

Catching up on my sleep is, obviously, the priority, but sometimes I’m so happy I have  minutes to spare to do anything I want, I get excited and… and… I don’t know exactly what to do!

Still, last weekend, when they fell asleep I did something I hadn’t done in a very VERY long time. I laid on the couch with my feet up, covered myself with my favorite blanket, igonred the dirty dishes and watched a movie for a few minutes.

It was amazing! I think I cried. I was just lying there, just watching TV. God, I miss doing nothing.

So, basically my list would go like this for the moment:

I miss watching TV with my feet up covered with my favorite blanket for hours.

I miss eating sitting down at an actual table and with the family around.

I miss having furniture and decor elements like picture frames around the house. You know, breakable stuff.

Which reminds me I miss drinking from actual glasses, not plastic ones and leaving them at the counter or anywhere not worrying about how deadly that object can be.

I miss having a desk with my arts and crafts supplies on display instead of hidden over a very, very high shelf in the kitchen somewhere.

I miss sewing.

I miss not having to worry about the computer/cell phone charger being plugged in and someone taking the computer or cell phone without unplugging it or the babies removing it from the computer and putting in on their mouths and the life risk that crosses my mind whenever I think of that and the fact that I can’t do the freakin’ dishes because I always have to keep one eye on them and that’s making me cross-eyed! GOD!

I miss not having to worry about any sharpen/small objetc that might be reachable at all times.

I miss being able to turn my back at the stove when I’m making soup for ONE FREAKING SECOND.

I miss taking showers alone.

I miss breathing deeply.

I miss yoga.

I miss drawing and playing with photoshop.

I miss updating my Hanson website!

And it looks like, now that they’re two, I’ll start catching up on that list. Even though the most important list is the other one. The list of stuff I don’t miss and it has only one item.

I don’t miss not being their mom.

Let’s enjoy the rest of the Sunday, shall we?




3 thoughts on “The lovely twos

    1. hahaha, that’s funny! I’m sorry one of the most important pages that are missing being updated is the English version, but , please feel free to visit =) I’ve had that baby for about 15 years. – and I hope we’re talking about the SAME “Hanson”! hahaha

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      1. I am looking at it from my phone and I love it! I’ll look at it on my pc when I get on but first glance it looks amazing! And we are definitely talking about the same Hanson.

        I used to tease my best friend relentlessly about her love of Hanson, when they were first popular. But after really listening and learning about them, I quickly became a fan!

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