In case I ever forget

You need to calm down.

They’re not going to cry themselves to sleep today. That moment is gone. It’s in the past.

You don’t have to go through that again ever, unless you feel strong enough to do so. You don’t have to.

When you go home tonight, you won’t find them sick. They are ok. They are playing all day and communicating just fine.

They won’t have a weird crisis and scream for minutes that feel like hours without you knowing where it hurts or itches. Not again.

You won’t fall asleep while breasfeeding, afraid you’ll roll over them. You are not breastfeeding anymore.

They won’t need surgery to push their belly buttons back, since it came out because they cried so much. It’s back to normal already.

You will be able to take a shower without anyone screaming at your door. Without hearing them cry. You might even brush your hair today, if you skip dinner.

They won’t be impossible to settle or take 15 minutes naps. They’ll sleep through the night and sit on the couch to watch cartoons not looking like they are in pain.

You won’t wake up every 2 hours even when they are sleeping.

They’ll eat normal food, with little to no help and they will not throw up or choke.

It is fine.

You need to calm down and not be aprehensive.

Those days were hard, and they are gone.

Join the kids in the play room you love so much.

Find out that “enjoying” means. It does exist.

Remember that and, if you forget, read it again. It is the truth.


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