It’s ok to be ok

Let’s be rational, shall we?

How are the kids? Fine.

How is work? Fine.

How is the house? Fine.

How are you feeling? Terrified.

WTF? I mean… Why? Well, because apparently, good times don’t last forever. At least that’s what my grandmother used to say. She said that she was so afraid of being happy because the happier she was one day, the worst the future would be.

What kind of fucked up logic is that? And why the hell did I absorb that so intensely? It’s not a rule, you know? And I’ll tell you why…

If  analyze the story of my life so far… well, it’d be a pretty boring book. No big tragedy, trauma or drama… you know, despite the usual stuff. Nothing to write about, really.

So, yeah, maybe people are allowed to be happy and that isn’t some weird death sentence, grandma.

And maybe I don’t have to force myself to be sad all the time so that I’m done with THAT part so I don’t fear for the future.

That was actually pretty insightful.

Truth is, I’m pretty happy. I mean, scared, but pretty happy.

Thank you for listening.




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