We have 700 dollars.

That’s it.

No savings, no possessions. Just 700 dollars until the next paycheck comes in.

This is not exactly where you plan on being when  you are 35 with 2 kids, though. And, any normal person could agree that the number generates a little bit of stress.

I feel like Carrie here. Yes, THAT Carrie. The one from sex and the city.



Except, since I only own about 3 pairs of shoes, I can’t really blame it on them.

There’s also another good point that differs me from Carrie. I am not about to become a successful writer or marry a millionaire, so, figuring this out is basically up to me.

So, I am trying to.

For the moment, no take-outs should do the trick. It is amazing the amount of money we spend when we are too lazy to cool/clean.

I should probably learn how to use the dish washer too. We don’t have those in Brazil! Therefore… it’s basically a box in our kitchen. We never dared touching it.  Not that learning what that’s about is gonna save us any money (quite the opposite) but it should save us time and if we have more TIME we won’t feel so tired and won’t need that many take-outs.

Now, here’s the really crazy idea: Maybe my husband should get a job as well.

So, technically, if my money can cover all of our expenses, his money should go to the bank. Just like we did back in Brazil.

In 2 years, we should have enough for the down payment for the house.

In 5 years, the 40-year-old me goals will be a reality.

There you go, people. No need to stress over a tiny 3-digit number! I even feel like I shouldn’t have stress-eaten all that pizza for lunch 10 minutes ago.


Temporarily Poor Shell


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