About me…

It’s Shell.

I’m a 35 year old girl, soon to be an old lady, judging by the tricks time has been playing on me.

I grew up wishing I was somewhere else and now that I got there, it doesn’t feel like home – plus, the bread is super weird.

I’m still looking for the right place with the right vibe and the right view. I have a good idea where that is.

The hard part is figured out, though. I have my girls. They are perfect and I will never let anything or anyone hurt or scare them. They are just too good.

I don’t wanna talk about work. If it’s something I can’t do in my pajamas, it is bad.

If you let me, I will most likely watch 7 movies in a row. So will my mom.

I have a couple different sites, this being the simplest one. This is just a journal so I can keep track of the shit that goes on in my head and also practice my English. I also use it to observe the little things. For I believe they are the biggest. I’m in love with details.

I also love the natural blue-gray filter in rainy days, specially during twilight. The sun and the lights outside make me feel too exposed. You know… just like Pink Floyd once sang.

I can’t stop sketching. I do not have any finished drawings.

This cow wishes to be an unicorn:


You know too much already.

– Shell